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Regul Oil Serum Hydro-Equilibrant 50ml

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Home care
50 ml
does not contain alcohol, sulfates, mineral oils and preservatives
Skin Type / Symptoms:
combined, greasy, problematic
burdock extract, thioxolone, yeast extract, tea tree oil, green tea extract, B vitamins
Skin Type
Oily skin
Combination skin
Acne, post-acne
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Product description

Regul Oil Serum Hydro-Equilibrant 


Product group: person

Product description:

An indispensable tool for obtaining visible good results and a feeling of freshness of the skin, moderate softness and protection. Serum well moisturizes the skin, provides a matte surface of the skin, due to its rapid penetration into the tissues and preventing the appearance of oily sheen. The serum has a non-greasy, light texture. The valuable properties of this tool lie in the presence of substances such as tea tree oil, thioxolone, allantoin, yeast extract, burdock and hops. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic against viruses, fungi and bacteria. Heals wounds, has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Thioxolone copes well with skin inflammation, acne, blackheads, redness due to the sulfur content in it. It helps to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminates their hypertrophy, normalizes the amount of sebum on the surface of the skin, and it is also an antibacterial agent. Allantoin is a substance that makes the skin supple and soft. It stimulates the regenerative processes of the skin and is a good anti-inflammatory and moisturizer. Yeast extract is rich in B vitamins, which support antioxidant processes, protect the skin from inflammation, flaking, and microcracks. This component is an activator of vital processes in the skin and promotes its respiration and hydration, with its help, regenerative and metabolic processes of the skin are enhanced. This is a well-known immunomodulator that helps the skin in the processes of adaptation to the conditions of the internal and external environment. Burdock extract is a source of organic elements, vitamins A, C, E, P, group B. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, has an anti-inflammatory, tonic and antibacterial effect, gives the skin elasticity, promotes wound healing, improves skin immunity, eliminates peeling and redness. Hop cones extract is a source of phytohormones that help reduce testosterone levels, which accompanies increased work of the sebaceous glands. Hops have a calming, antibacterial effect, thanks to it the protein, carbohydrate, fat and mineral balances of the skin are significantly improved, capillaries are strengthened, the processes of skin cell renewal are enhanced, and its turgor increases. 

Application: After cleansing the skin and applying the tonic, apply the serum on the skin of the face in a circular motion, gently spreading it until completely absorbed.

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