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Regul Oil Concentrate Equilibrant + 5ml

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Home care
5 ml
does not contain sulfates and preservatives
Skin Type / Symptoms:
combined, greasy, problematic
burdock extract, yeast extract, allantoin, thioxolone, bisabolol, vitamin A, C, E, vitamins gr.V
Skin Type
Oily skin
Combination skin
Acne, post-acne
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* Price is for one bottle
Product description

Regul Oil Concentrate Equilibrant + / Regulating & Mattifying Concentrate


Category: face

Volume: 1 bottle * 5ml

Product description:

This highly effective remedy with a sparing 10% alcohol content is used to seriously help the skin with oily seborrhea, acne, inflammatory diseases, bacterial and other infections, stress and stress on the skin from decorative cosmetics, adverse climatic and environmental factors. This is a biologically active concentrate that acts on acne, rashes, redness, peeling of the skin, eliminates the cause of their appearance, preventing the manifestation of relapses. This medicinal preparation contains the following substances: urea, bisabolol, yeast extract, burdock extract, thioxolone, allantoin. Urea - compounds based on carbonic acid, the end product of protein metabolism, is a powerful activator of vital processes, improves metabolism, cleanses pores, promotes intensive renewal of the epidermis, eliminates inflammation, deeply moisturizes, helps prevent scarring and smoothes the skin surface, fights pathological microflora.bisabolol is a valuable substance contained in chamomile, thanks to which dryness, redness, inflammation and healing microcracks disappear. It is soothing and antibacterial. Yeast extract helps to fill the deficiency of B vitamins, improve the circulation of substances in the skin, enhance the respiratory processes in it, activate carbohydrate and protein metabolism and has the ability to increase skin immunity.
Burdock root extract is a supplier of essential minerals for the skin, provides it with vitamins A, C, E, P, group B, gives elasticity to the skin and tones it. This component helps to fight excessive oiliness of the skin by regulating the sebaceous glands. Inulin in its composition counteracts the formation and accumulation of harmful substances, improves immune protection. Thioxolone provides anti-inflammatory processes. Sulfur, which is part of it, fights microbes, activates recovery processes, has a light viscous consistency, which helps to cover pores and counteracts excessive secretion of sebum. Allantoin has a slight astringent effect, which helps to improve skin turgor and narrow its pores. This is an excellent substance for eliminating inflammation, bacteria, peeling and redness on the skin. Moisturizes and soothes the skin in case of allergies.

Application: it is recommended to use as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent 1-2 times a week. Apply a small amount to the skin, gently distributing with massage movements after cleansing, under the mask, phonophoresis.

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