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Regul Oil Concentrate Equilibrant Roll on 10ml

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Home care
10 ml
does not contain sulfates and preservatives
Skin Type / Symptoms:
combined, greasy, problematic
burdock extract, yeast extract, allantoin, thioxolone, bisabolol, vitamin A, C, E, panthenol, vitamins gr. IN
Skin Type
Oily skin
Combination skin
Acne, post-acne
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Product description

Regul Oil Concentrate Equilibrant Roll on 10 ml


Product description:

This is a highly effective treatment for local skin problems - acne, blackheads, excess keratosis, inflammation , damage. The concentrate intensively affects the focus of the problem, removing inflammatory manifestations and the threat of infection, and enhances the recovery process. The composition of this drug includes such valuable components as urea, bisabolol, burdock extract, yeast extract, allantoin, thioxolone. Urea is an active conductor of all nutrients and medicinal substances in the skin tissue, helps eliminate flaking, inflammation, dry skin, prevents the release of excess sebum, cleanses pores and slightly narrows them, this biologically active substance accelerates all metabolic processes, helps to facilitate the respiratory function of the skin . Bisabolol is a component of chamomile extract, the main element of chamomile oil. It soothes the skin, relieves inflammation, relieves itching, flaking and pain on the skin, helps recovery processes and gives elasticity to the skin. Burdock extract reliably supplies important vitamins and trace elements. Vitamins A, group B are necessary to eliminate all acute inflammatory and infectious processes, help the skin recover, maintain integrity and healthy pH. Vitamins A, C, E block oxidative processes, eliminate peeling, microcracks, increase the protective functions of the skin and establish the process of keratinization - the formation of a healthy epidermis.

B vitamins (thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, nicotinic acid B3, pantothenic acid B5, pyridoxine B6, cyanocobalamin B12) - regulate the work of all skin processes, effective against seborrhea, eliminate elasticity deficiency and any inflammation, activate the formation of amino acids, promote the formation of new skin cells. Yeast extract replenishes moisture deficiency, stimulates carbohydrate and protein metabolism, normalizes fat and mineral balance, helps the skin to have good blood circulation, which contributes to the resorption of scars and acne marks. Improves immune protection, cellular respiration, circulation of substances in the skin, has a moisturizing effect. Allantoin is a valuable component that helps to neutralize inflammatory processes, relieve tension, dryness, and accelerate healing. Thioxolone - perfectly copes with many pathogens of infectious processes, having antibacterial properties, because it contains sulfur, which eliminates excessive greasiness of the skin, deeply cleanses pores, prevents infection, improves metabolism in the epidermis.

Application: on clean skin, using a roller applicator, apply a small amount of the drug directly to the area of acne or other problem, doing this procedure from 1 to several times a day.

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