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Skin Rejuvenating Treatment 10ml

For professional use only

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Prof. volume
10 ml.
without alcohol, sulfates, paraffin and mineral oils
Dryness, dehydration
Skin Type
For all skin types
Skin Type / Symptoms:
for all skin types
hyaluronic acid, tripeptides, oligopeptides, polypeptides, vitamins, amino acids
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For professional use only
Product description

Skin Rejuvenating Treatment 10ml / Anti-age Serum 10ml

Line: AnubisMed

Volume: 1fl * 10 ml

Product description:

Rejuvenating serum qualitatively eliminates the signs of skin aging. It contains more than 50 natural active ingredients that heal and restore the skin at the cellular level. The product is based on hyaluronic acid, it:

  • retains moisture molecules in cells and intercellular space;
  • stimulates the production of fibrillar collagen;
  • restores damaged collagen fibers ;
  • increases turgor of the dermis;
  • smoothes mimic wrinkles;
  • slows down premature aging;
  • prevents tissue ptosis.Tripeptides-strengthen cell membranes , increase cell proliferation and synthesis of extracellular matrix, reduce the negative impact of free radicals on the body, thicken the epidermis, increase its resistance to stress. Also, the composition of the product includes oligopeptides, they stimulate cell renewal, eliminate dryness and flaking, and do not allow the skin to become thinner. The complex of vitamins strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition, and prevents the formation of age spots.

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