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Shining Line Combined Peel

For professional use only

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Prof. volume
does not contain alcohol, preservatives and sulfates
Skin Type
For all skin types
Skin Type / Symptoms:
hyperpigmented, dull skin with uneven tone
lemon oil, water from sweet orange flowers, azelaic 15%, salicylic 3%, citric 4%, kojic acid 4%, arbutin 4%, retinol palmitate, witch hazel extract
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For professional use only
Product description

Shining Line Combined Peel


Category: face

Product description:

Professional peeling consists of three phases: Pre peel, Peel, peel Off. This is an excellent tool for non-traumatic exfoliation of the upper keratinized layer of cells, smoothing the relief and evening out skin tone. With it, you can eliminate age spots and irregularities on the face, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, get rid of rosacea. Combined peeling is based on azelaic acid - it fights skin imperfections, has a healing effect, relieves acne and acne. Salicylic acid effectively gently removes dead particles, eliminates the cause of inflammation, kills harmful microbes and bacteria. Citric acid - refreshes, removes signs of fatigue, increases the energy potential of cells, prevents and eliminates hyperpigmentation, fights rosacea and sebaceous plugs. Kojic acid removes age spots on the skin, freckles, chloasma or lentigo. Arbutin slows down tyrosinase and reduces melanin synthesis. Retinyl palmitate is used in the treatment of hyperkeratosis, in particular follicular keratosis, it smoothes the relief, eliminates post acne and scars.

Use: for professional use only.

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For professional use only
For professional use only