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Shining Line Whitening Cream 60ml

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Home care
60 ml
does not contain alcohol, preservatives and sulfates
Skin Type / Symptoms:
hyperpigmented, dull skin with uneven tone
uva-ursi extract (arbutin), aloe barbadensis, kojic acid dipalmitate - a stable component, has an active inhibitory effect on tyrosinase, salicylic acid, allantoin, Sodium PCA, a complex of chemical and physical filters
Skin Type
For all skin types
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Product description

Shining Line Whitening Cream


Category: face

Product description:

This day cream is an extension of the cleansing and illuminating product chain of this line, so it is recommended to use with a brightening night emulsion. This is an anti-pigmentation agent containing kojic and acetylsalicylic acid, which whiten pigmented areas and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The cream perfectly cleanses the skin, moisturizes, relieves fatigue, inflammation, enhances the regeneration of skin cells. Allantoin (a derivative of uric acid) gently softens the skin, moisturizes it well, eliminates allergic manifestations, peeling, flabbiness of the skin, as it is a good antioxidant and improves elasticity. Helps the skin to restore its water balance after unsuccessful exposure to the sun and other burns. Aloe vera juice extract, as an anti-inflammatory agent, enhances recovery processes, moisturizes the skin, heals microcracks, tightens pores, it is an effective regenerator. The cream contains the maximum value of the SPF sunscreen filter, which allows you to safely be under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and prevent the appearance of new pigmentation.

Use: apply to cleansed skin with light massage movements, all over the face or locally on areas of hyperpigmentation in combination with other care products.

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