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Total Hydrating Professional Treatment

Total Hydrating Professional Treatment

For professional use only

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Dryness, dehydration
Skin Type
For all skin types
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For professional use only
Product description
Th Total Hydrating Professional Treatment


Category: face

Product Description:

The set includes:
Th Total Hydrating Hydra Peel 50ml
Th Total Hydrating Concentrate  7amp. 2ml
Th Total Hydrating Collagen Mask 50ml
Th Total Hydrating Bi-Gel 50ml

The set includes a list of all preparations for a procedure aimed at powerful hydration at all levels of the skin, restoration of the water-lipid mantle, antioxidant protection, improvement of such aesthetic indicators as elasticity, turgor, relief , skin tone.

The preparations have a calming and anti-edematous effect, help to accelerate the natural regeneration processes.

Dehydrated skin of any type, including sensitive
Damaged skin, skin with signs of peeling, tightness
Skin after burns
Skin after excessive sun exposure
Side effects after peeling
Skin after laser resurfacing and surgical interventions
Wrinkles, reduced skin firmness and elasticity
Skin with signs of photoaging
Skin after stress

Immediate hydration and restoration of hydrobalance
Accelerate Regeneration
Polished and nourished skin
Improve complexion. Radiant skin
Smoothing the micro-relief of the skin
Lifting effect
Improving the texture
Restoring, reviving and strengthening the skin


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