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Sesame oil 500ml

For professional use only

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Prof. volume
500 ml
does not contain parabens, alcohol and mineral oils
Skin Type
For all skin types
Skin Type / Symptoms:
for all skin types
linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic acid, iron, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, calcium, silicon, vitamins B and E, sesamol, sesamolin, sterols, squalene, lecithin
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For professional use only
Product description

Sesame oil / Sesame warming oil


Category: SPA

Product description:

Sesame oil is a vegetable antioxidant that is perfectly absorbed by the skin, moisturizes, softens, restores and cleanses the skin, making it smooth, soft, supple and elastic, normalizes sebum secretion, relieves inflammation, prevents premature aging of the skin, activates microcirculation. In addition, sesame oil absorbs ultraviolet radiation, provides protection from sunlight, has a wound healing and soothing effect. The oil effectively fights seborrhea, dandruff, inflammation of the scalp, restores damaged hair, makes them shiny and soft, promotes hair growth. Due to the high content of magnesium, the product has an anti-stress, calming, warming and relaxing effect on the muscles. Method of application: the oil must be warmed up and use for massage of the face, body and scalp in the complex of SPA procedures and Ayurveda programs. Suitable for use in pure form and in combination with essential oils, as well as for daily skin and hair care.

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