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Regenerating Line Stria-stop Cream 200ml

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Home care
200 ml
without alcohol, sulfates and paraffin
Skin Type / Symptoms:
all types
wheat germ oil, mosquito roses, snail extract, gliD-STRIA, Asian centella, ecozamoglycans, linoleic acid, vitamin E, linolenic acid
Skin Type
For all skin types
Roztyazhki, strii
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Product description

Line Regenerating Stria-stop Cream

Line: Line Regenerating

Category: body

Product description:

The cream is based on a natural plant complex that accelerates tissue regeneration and significantly smoothes stretch marks. It contains the D-stria complex, which:

  • activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
  • tightens the epidermis;
  • prevents the appearance of stretch marks;
  • synchronizes the synthetic activity of fibroblasts;
  • doubles the expression of elastin genes;
  • reduces the intensity of existing stretch marks by 27%.

The complex includes dwarf palm extract, it smoothes the skin relief, eliminates dryness and tightness, makes the dermis more elastic and supple, it is an effective tool for combating old stretch marks (up to a year). Wheat germ oil saturates cells with vitamin E, strengthens the walls of capillaries and blood vessels, slows down the process of premature aging of tissues, keeps the skin young for a long time, increases its turgor, thereby reducing the likelihood of striae. Snail mucin - restores damaged collagen fibers, has a powerful regenerating effect, protects from the negative impact of environmental factors. Asian centella extract - kills harmful microbes and bacteria, prevents them from multiplying, refreshes the skin, normalizes blood circulation and lymph outflow. The cream is recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation, the period of weight loss or weight gain and during active physical exertion.