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Pack Cabina Eye Contour

For professional use only

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Prof. volume
without parabens, sulfates, paraffin, alcohol and mineral oils
Dryness, dehydration
Skin Type / Symptoms:
for all skin types
rice starch, lactose, kaolin, papain, alginate, caffeine, hydroxyproline, menthol
1 627.2 627.2 627.2 Купить Пак кабина «лифтинг век (крем 20мл, маска 20мл, пилинг 5саше по Anubis Cosmetics Украина
For professional use only
Product description

Pack Cabina Eye Contour / Eyelid Lift Set


Product description:

The set includes an eye cream, a lifting mask, an enzyme peel and a concentrate. The enzyme peel contains koalin, which thoroughly absorbs impurities and unclogs pores. Rice starch - exfoliates dead skin cells, evens out tone, smoothes skin texture. Papain - stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal, normalizes water balance, deeply moisturizes

The eye cream contains a muscle relaxant, it relieves muscle tension, thereby smoothing out wrinkles. Hydrolyzed collagen and elastin - restore damaged collagen fibers, rejuvenate, eliminate mimic wrinkles. Laminaria extract - normalizes lipid metabolism, accelerates tissue regeneration, stimulates the production of its own hyaluronic acid. Azulene - relieves redness, irritation and inflammation, promotes healing of skin lesions. The lifting mask tightens the skin, makes it more elastic and supple, eliminates swelling, and normalizes lymph outflow. It contains whey protein, it saturates the cells with useful amino acids, restores and strengthens the epidermis. Caffeine - refreshes the face, activates the production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenates, fights age-related changes in the dermis. active concentrate - improves blood circulation in small capillaries and vessels, has a lifting effect. It contains hydroxyproline - it strengthens cell membranes, fights mimic wrinkles, prevents the appearance of age spots.

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