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New Even Mask Repair 200ml

For professional use only

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Prof. volume
200 ml
does not contain alcohol, sulfates and preservatives
Acne, post-acne
Skin Type
For all skin types
Skin Type / Symptoms:
for all types
rosehip oil, shea butter, collagen and keratin peptides, chondroitin, vitamin A, C, E, horse chestnut extract, calendula extract, glabridin, allantoin, urea
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For professional use only
Product description

New Even Repair Mask


Category: face

Product description:

This product has a pH value of 6.0, provides deep long-term hydration, contains active ingredients for active skin regeneration. The mask is suitable for all skin types, especially recommended for rosacea, circulatory disorders, red spots, stress. This mask contains shea butter (shea butter) and rosehip oil, which help to relieve the skin from dryness, microcracks, a feeling of tightness, are natural UV filters, antioxidants, contribute to reliable protection against adverse factors, restore skin elasticity. Rosehip oil is known for its wound healing effect, as an activator of intracellular and regenerative processes, a source of vitamin C, enhances collagen synthesis. Calendula extract has anti-inflammatory properties, normalizes fat metabolism, and has antibacterial properties. Licorice extract relieves stress, heals, relieves inflammation, increases the immune defense of the skin. Horse chestnut extract enhances blood microcirculation, protects capillaries, relieves inflammation and relieves swelling, red spider veins, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Keratin and hydrolyzed collagen provide enhanced hydration, saturation with amino acids, smoothing the skin and providing a slight lifting effect. Thanks to vitamins A, C, E, this mask is an antioxidant. These vitamins contribute to the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen, which leads to smoothing wrinkles, smoothing the skin relief. The use of the mask pleasantly soothes and gives a feeling of freshness.

How to use: apply to the cleansed surface, spread evenly with soft movements. Wash off with water after 20 minutes.