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C-L Emulsion 500ml

For professional use only

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Prof. volume
500 ml
does not contain alcohol, preservatives, sulfates, mineral oils
Cellulite, drainage
Skin Type / Symptoms:
treatment of localized fat
L-carnitine, ivy extract, fucus, caffeine, needles, brown algae extract, nicotinic acid
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For professional use only
Product description

CL Emulsion / Anti-Cellulite Warming Emulsion with L-Carnitine


Product group: body

Product description:

An emulsion to combat local fat deposits, warms up, tones, drains the skin, breaks down fats. In places where the drug is applied, the body temperature rises, which improves the absorption of active ingredients. The use of the drug before sports helps to improve metabolism in fat cells

Bubbly Fucus, has a high concentration of iodine, proteins, vitamins and minerals, improves cellular metabolism, breaks down lipids, removes toxins, has a moisturizing and regenerating effect on the skin .

L-Carnitine activates metabolism and turns fat into a source of energy. Methyl nicotinate warms the skin, expanding blood vessels, improving blood flow, while at the same time, the component helps detoxify and remove excess fluid from tissues.

Caffeine normalizes lipid metabolism, activates the breakdown of fats and the removal of fat metabolism products. Ivy and ruscus extracts make blood vessels stronger, improve transcapillary metabolism, tone, strengthen and tighten the skin, prevent the accumulation of excess fluid. tissue level, has moisturizing, firming, restoring m, antioxidant and drainage effect. The emulsion is suitable for home care and for use in combination with salon treatments aimed at combating cellulite.

How to use: apply with massage movements on problem areas of the skin (stomach, thighs, buttocks), wash your hands well. Slight redness and burning is a normal skin reaction on the palms.

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